Financial Products

Our customers are our inspiration. They are mobile throughout the world, most of them first or second generation immigrants with strong family and business ties overseas. They are careful with their money, and support themselves and loved ones through their hard work.
CereTel helps them with a Prepaid Mastercard® connected to a mobile banking application with international money transfer and check deposit services. For more information, visit


CereTel has some of the most recognizable and reliable Phone Cards and International Mobile Reload brands in the industry. Many consumers rely on phone cards and international mobile top-ups to call family and friends overseas.

CereTel is the owner of the STi™ brand, which is known for providing these services for over 10 years throughout the United States to tens of millions of customers. The CereTel telecom network is robust, redundant and reliable, with switches on both the east and west coasts of the U.S.

We complete millions of crystal clear phone calls to destinations around the world every year. For information on particular offerings, including the STi Pinless™ web portal, visit